Launch Day Goodies

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If you buy The Economy of You before it’s officially released on January 16, I will send you presents!


To get your goodies, just send an email (or photo) of your receipt to me at kimberly (dot) palmer (at) gmail (dot) com. Just be sure to do it before midnight on Thursday, January 16, 2014!

If you buy one book, then you will receive the official 2014 Money Planner from my Etsy shop – the planner that started it all! This 50-page, printable planner comes in PDF form and it will help you get on top of your finances. It’s the top-selling item from my Etsy shop.

If you buy two books (one for a friend!), then you will receive the official 2014 Money Planner from my Etsy shop PLUS my one-page, customizable Money Goals Planner, which helps you get all of your money goals organized, PLUS any other digital planner from my Etsy shop – just let me know which one you would like in your email!

If you buy five or more books, then you will receive all of the above PLUS a half-hour earnings boost session with me to help you apply the ideas in the book to your own life.

BONUS GIFT: If you purchase The Economy of You at any time, then I will send you a signed THE ECONOMY OF YOU bookmark with a special note … I only have 50 of these bookmarks, so send me your receipt now, while supplies last!

You can order The Economy of You from any of the online stores below:

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