Round-Up: Side-Gigs in the News

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Round-Up: Side-Gigs in the News

Some weeks I love my Google news alerts; they confirm my main thesis that side-giggers really are taking over the world. Here are some highlights from the past couple weeks:

1. How have I not heard of this blog before? Making Sense of Cents is a great blog about a young professional, Michelle, who is dedicated to taking control of her finances. She’s so personable and open that she makes it fun, too. Check out this post on side-hustle ideas.

2. Black Enterprise has always done a great job of covering side-hustles and inspiring readers to start their own, and this profile of Jullien Gordon is no exception.

3. If you have a side-gig, you are probably over-extended. This blog post over at Diversified Finances, another great blog (also by Michelle!) on taking financial control of your life, speaks to that challenge. If you spend all week at your full-time job and all weekend on your side-gig, then you’ll relate.

4. If I haven’t convinced you already… here are 9 reasons why every 20-something needs a side-hustle. It gets at a point I also like to make – side-gigs aren’t just about the money. They can also lead to better careers. Cheers to that.

5. And now for the downside of side-gigs: Australian police officers and British politicians are getting in trouble for potential ethical conflicts in their side-gigs. That’s another reason to walk the line between side-gig and full-time job very, very carefully.

This week’s stories and blog posts also remind me of a major myth about moonlighting: White collar workers don’t moonlight. In fact, they are the most likely group to do so. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, workers with college and advanced degrees are more likely to hold second jobs than those with high school degrees only.


  1. Thanks for including my post in your list, Kimberly!

  2. Happy to, Danny!

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